Choros mapper is a web based easy-to-use tool for analysing places and land use imprints on landscapes. It has an intuitive interface and is fast in processing image data. It is possible to adjust the extension of the view of sight and iteratively interpret the results. 


Results can easily be coded, shared and exported to all GIS software products. 

The methods implemented in Choros Mapper make it easy to deepen the analysis of local land use imprints and spatialities. Choros Mapper methods deepen and simplify the usability of satellite images in land use applications. For example, monitoring and inventory of forest and land can be made more efficient and instead of manual field inventory large areas, more focus can be placed on monitoring and qualitative development. Choros Mapper can also enable the use of satellite images for researchers who do not have access to or knowledge about how to use geographical information systems.


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